How Do Your Pets Act When Their Person Is Sick?

Some pets are very aware of their humans’ moods. If you’re happy and excited, they pick up on it. If you’re feeling blue, they may be more affectionate or clingy, or they may give you some space.

My two dogs definitely act differently when my grandmother isn’t feeling well.

Example #1: August 2004 — Physical Injury

My Lally is very playful. She loves to chase her ball, and she loves to wrestle. Unfortunately, Lally tried to wrestle my grandmother one afternoon and knocked her down. She ended up with a wrist broken in five places and something that resembled a towel rack on her arm to keep everything in place while she healed.

For the entire time my grandmother had the pins and bar in, Lally was VERY careful around her. She would very gently sniff at the injured area, and ALWAYS approached my grandmother very slowly with her ears back and her tail down. Lally actually waited for permission before she would investigate the injury, or join my grandmother on the couch. It seemed like Lally really felt badly about the accident.

Example #2: Last night — Physical Illness

My grandmother was preparing for a minor outpatient surgery, and wasn’t allowed to eat after noon yesterday. Because she’s diabetic, her blood sugar took a nosedive around 10pm.

After we got things back into balance, the dogs were hovering around my grandmother’s bedroom. They seemed to know just what to do to improve her humor. First, Lally brought her the ball – always good for a smile. Then Moose made himself comfortable on her bed, which I thought for sure would tick her off. But when she saw him sprawled out on the bed, she just laughed.

It just goes to show… sometimes animal instinct is smarter than my human logic! How do your pets act when you’re not feeling right?