How Does Being a Daddy’s Girl Affect Your Relationships?

Most girls grow up expecting to find a prefect prince charming to sweep them off of their feet. Eventually they learn that this idea of finding love may not always happen.

One factor in the way that women think about and respond to men is embedded in the relationship that girls have with their fathers.

We have all heard the expression “daddy’s girl”. Most girls have a very healthy and natural special bond with their fathers. There is a deep emotional bond that is created between the two. Little girls want to please their daddies. They love their daddies and they want the love returned. While little boys are often pushed by their fathers to become more tough and independent, little girls are often protected by their fathers.

Many men will encourage their sons to take risks in certain situations and then turn around and instruct their daughters to avoid the same situation. They want their daughter to be sweet, obedient, and passive. They want their sons to be aggressive, strong, and adventurous.

These expectations between a little girl and her father often carry over into adult relationships. When a girl is raised with the expectations above she often continues to carry the, out in her marriage. Some women continue to depend on men to provide for them as the depended on their daddies for support. When a girl grows up in a house where the father is seen as the powerhouse of the relationship the road to her own independency can be even tougher.

These little girls tend to idealize their fathers. They never see their father’s faults. In their eyes their daddies are perfect. In many cases a father is hard act for a man to follow. In some cases the only way for these girls to break away from the hold of their fathers is to gain their own independency by moving off to college or moving out on their own.

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