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Several articles ago I wrote about a website that I had discovered. Later I wrote another article describing the site. I will finish my discussion about the site,, in this article. is a website that offers teachers a chance to get funding from donors for special projects.

This is how the site works.

Teachers must create a proposal for their project on the site. The teacher must describe the project and list all needed materials. The workers at will review the proposal and ask any questions necessary.

The proposal will be published on the site and donors may fund all or any portion of the project that they desire. The site will send the donor a gift acknowledgement that can be used as a tax reduction.

The site also emails the principal to alert him or her of the project and the funding.

The site also sends the donor a thank-you email from the teacher and an approximate date in which he or she can expect to receive a feedback package. buys the needed materials for the project and sends them to the teacher. The teacher will also receive a camera, a stamped envelope, and directions about how to prepare a feedback package.

The students are to carry out and enjoy the project. The teacher takes pictures of the children using the materials that were funded. Students write thank-you notes and the teacher writes an impact letter. These items are sent to the site. The site sends the pictures and notes to any donor that donated one hundred dollars or more to the project.

When donating to a project, the donor can include a 15% fulfillment fee. The fulfillment money helps keep the site working. The workers of the site also use grants and independent donations and support.

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