How Facebook Could be Bad for Your Marriage

mouse love Facebook can be a great networking tool to keep in touch with current friends and re-establish contact with old ones. But there are several ways that Facebook could actually be bad for your marriage. Here are some examples.

You Spend Too Much Time on It

Facebook can be addicting. There are so many messages, status updates, photos, videos, games, quizzes and applications (what is a sea garden anyway?) to occupy your time. But if you would rather stay up with Facebook instead of go to bed with your spouse, it might be a problem.

You Air Your Grievances

It is amazing to me how many people slam their spouses in their status updates, as well as some of the things that they write on their spouses “wall.” Not only may your spouse see this, but so might all of your mutual friends. Not good.

You Make Your Spouse Jealous

You know that your flirting is innocent, but maybe your spouse is feeling insecure. Perhaps it is time to honor your spouse’s feelings by keeping things cool with members of the opposite sex or even blocking inappropriate people. Keep things out in the open too, and there will be no need for your spouse to become jealous. Indicate in you profile that you are married to avoid unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

You Have an Affair

Affairs, emotional or physical, are easier than you might think to fall into. Facebook makes it a breeze to communicate with old loves and new friends. If you are discussing your problems online instead of with your spouse, this may be a developing problem. One sure sign that you could be headed down this road is that you hide your Facebook screen when your spouse enters the room (and you aren’t planning a surprise party).

Are you on Facebook?

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