How Frugal Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Do your friends call you a Cheapskate? Or maybe you have suspicions that you are a shopaholic? Take this quiz, and figure out once and for all…. How frugal are you?

1. At an after-Christmas sale, someone might see you pick up something from the clearance rack. Your find was:
a. One package of white tissue paper for 25 cents a piece. You just don’t have the gumption to buy anything that you are not certain you will need.
b. Some things to decorate with for next year’s party. You love to have nice things, but you never buy anything full price. It’s worth eleven months to use something it if it’s 75% off!
c. A new tablecloth, some ornaments, a few packages of Christmas chocolates, window decals, and probably a couple of other things, but they are hidden underneath the new tablecloth, some ornaments, a few packages of Christmas chocolates….
d. 2 boxes of holiday cards and 1 more strand of icicle lights for your house. After figuring out what you ended up using this year, these are things you would definitely have to buy next year if you had not’t gotten such a great deal on them now.

2. Boneless pork loin is on sale for $1.59 a pound. You buy:
a. The bone-in variety that is on sale for $1.29 a pound.
b. One package for tomorrow’s dinner, and one package for the freezer.
c. However much the store’s limit is. Then, sometime before the sale is over, you go back and buy more. You plan on feeding your family solely on pork until the meat is gone.
d. 3-4 packages and freeze the meat in usable portions. You now have enough pork to last for an occasional meal every month or two.

3. You are having people over for dinner. The menu is:
a. Hot dogs and boxed mac and cheese. Having guests mean there are more mouths to feed, so you need to go pretty cheap. You play it off by saying you thought the kids would like it.
b. Pasta, salad and garlic bread. The table is decorated Italian to match. This is one of your favorite meals to serve guests because it tastes great, is impressive, and nobody knows it’s an inexpensive meal!
c. Boneless pork chops and baked potatoes with a few toppings. Hey, you’ve still got pork in the freezer and potatoes were on sale this week!
d. Tostadas served with home-fried shells, homemade beans, and homemade salsa. Great meal, and you can save a lot of money by making everything yourself.

4. What typically happens when you go to the mall?

a. You go in, pay your phone bill, then leave. You would never buy anything at a mall store. Too trendy–and way too expensive.
b. Head for the deals. Your favorites are the clearance racks. You don’t have any particular item in mind, just so long as you can get a smoking deal on something that is really nice.
c. Upon entering a store, you scan the place for great sales or clearance racks. If something is cheap enough, you may buy it without wasting your time trying it on. You end up spending a good chunk of dough, but you get a bunch of stuff!
d. You try on only what you came to buy. You question every purchase. If you don’t find exactly what you were looking for, you are okay with going home with nothing.

All right, now tally Up! Read on to see what your score means about you:

Mostly A’s. . . . . . TIGHTWAD: You are so concerned about saving money that you are getting a little uptight about it. Loosen up! Others might be uncomfortable talking with money around you.

Mostly B’s . . . . . . CHIC CHEAPY: You like nice things, but you never pay full price for anything. Everyone thinks you pay top-dollar for your wardrobe, but nearly everything you own comes off the clearance racks.

Mostly C’s . . . . . . BARGAIN VULCHER: The word “SALE” is like a honing beacon. You just can’t resist a great deal. You have bought many things that you ended up never using, just because they were on sale.

Mostly D’s . . . . . SMART COOKIE: You have this frugal thing down to an art form. You do your research when it comes to saving money. You rarely buy things you don’t need, and you love to stock up when something is extra cheap.