How I Organize My Monthly Kits

Often, even when I share great organizing advice, I still get an email or message asking which method I use. So I thought I’d share my method of storing all those monthly kits that we get and can’t stop subscribing to.

First, I subscribe to two monthly kit clubs (mostly because I cannot decide which one I like better) – Apron Strings and Scrap Jammies. I have also recently been tossing around the idea of a third one I found, that I really think I like. So, if I do join, it will be three monthly scrapbooking kits, each with at least two or three layouts in them. That is a lot of monthly kits to find a space for in my scrapbook area.

One of my kit clubs sends their kits in the standard pizza box that many scrapbookers are familiar with. Several of the monthly kits choose to mail them in these, and they are clever and practical packaging.

The other monthly kit club, sends them in a priority mail box. Another safe and practical method.

Since the boxes are not the same size, they do not easily stack on each other, without looking all mismatched and cluttered. So, I decided to remove the kits from the boxes and find a new place to store them.

I have a large plastic Rubbermaid tub, that I file them in, just as I would a file cabinet. I place them in the tub after marking the plastic baggie they are in, with the kit club name, the title of the layout and the month and year.

The reason I decided to do this, is because both clubs I belong to have newsletters that go with each kit. I file those into a binder that I store right in the front of my Rubbermaid tub. That way, I can pull it out, get ideas and easily find the layout I want to work with.

I guess I better get started working on some of the kits in my stash. I seem to be better at collecting them, than using them.

How do you store your monthly kits?

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