How Much Do You Know About Your Favorite Cleaning Product?

A couple of years ago I wrote a product review about Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface spray. At the time, Clorox was trying to generate a lot of hype about its new spray that was allegedly gentle enough to use around kids and food, yet powerful enough to kill common household bacteria.

I was sold. Then, I got schooled.

Soon after I wrote the review for, I got a flood of comments from readers telling me that I had been duped.

Apparently, “gentle” is code for diluted, as in you paid nearly $3 for a bottle of water, suckah!

True enough, the product contains 99% water and less than 1% Sodium Hypochlorite (the active ingredient in Clorox).

So, yes, I pay about $3 for a plastic bottle filled with 99 percent water and a dash of Clorox.

“Pay” being the operative word because despite the warning from astute and frugal readers, I still use Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface spray, and from what I can tell, in the two or so years I have been loyal to it, Clorox has not changed its formula.

Bottom line: It works for me, so I keep buying it, and yes, I know I could make a similar version of the cleaning solution at home for mere pennies, but I don’t, because I’m hooked. What’s more, Clorox Hard Surface Spray does what it claims to do. It kills bacteria on hard surfaces. It is color-safe and it doesn’t need to be rinsed. And because it contains such a small amount of bleach, it is safe to use around babies and animals.

Still, to appease the naysayers, I will mention that the spray must be left on hard surfaces for at least two minutes for it to be effective. In addition, it doesn’t kill viruses or microorganisms.

Would I have purchased Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface spray immediately following its launch if I had been a savvy shopper and researched the ingredient list? Maybe not; however, the product works on the jobs I use it for (bathroom spruce-ups, spills on the kitchen counter and floor, stains on the dining room table, etc.) and it is extremely convenient.

Do you use Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface spray? How’s it working in your home?

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