How Much Is That Family In The Window?

Many years ago, a singer named Patty Paige recorded a song called: “How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?” Now, however, as Yogi Bera used to say, it’s deja-vue all over again! Read on.

Of all the classy places one can shop in the world, certainly Harrod’s of London ranks among the top ten. Its very name is synonymous with royalty and the denizens of upper crust. This does not, however, exempt the owners of the store from silliness. All things not being equal, they are, after all, only human beings. This being said, it is still rather difficult to believe that the Knightsbridge Harrod’s store and white goods maker, LG Electronics, are auditioning people to replace the mannequins in their store windows!
Spokeswoman for both companies, Katherine Selby, said: “The hope is that the event will be like Big Brother, where you can see how people react to each other.”
I would ask the public at large if one needs to witness two cars crash in order to understand the meaning of a collision, but no one is asking for my opinion.
There will be four people chosen for this strange job and they all will receive one week of training both in acting lessons and media skills. (How do you get a person to emote like a dummy? Is this a new school of acting? I think the Stanislowsky and Strasbourg schools, as well as Marlon Brando, would roll over in their graves!
The display is scheduled to take place between May 20 and May 25. The chosen four will be granted permission to sleep in a London hotel by night.

What one earth is going on? What do YOU think about this?

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