How Old Are Your Favorite Disney Films?

I have a special little cupboard where I keep all of our Walt Disney children’s classics. OK, it is a pretty big cupboard and it is loaded with both DVDs and VHS tapes. Truth be told, I started collecting Disney movies long before I ever had children. Heck, I was collecting them long before I ever met my husband! I love the Disney classics and even some of the more recent children’s movies made by Disney/Pixar and I love that my kids are enjoying them too. The funny thing about Disney movies is that I could probably tell you where I saw each one for the first time. The really funny thing is that I’m probably not the only parent who can say that!

The other day, my son informed me that he wanted to watch Dumbo for the umpteenth time. Out of curiosity, I checked the date on the movie. 1941. Dumbo was made in 1941. My own mother wasn’t even born then! Isn’t it amazing how one company can create movies that so many generations of us love and want to watch over and over again?

Take a glance at this list and think about how many of them you’ve seen, and how many you probably own. Notice how many are your favorites and your children’s favorites. Then take a look at just how old those movies really are!

Thanks to the magic of Disney, none of us really age at all.

1937 Snow White

1940 Pinocchio

1940 Fantasia

1941 Dumbo

1942 Bambi

1943 Saludos Amigos

1945 The Three Caballeros

1950 Cinderella

1951 Alice in Wonderland

1953 Peter Pan

1955 Lady and the Tramp

1959 Sleeping Beauty

1961 One Hundred and One Dalmations

1963 The Sword in the Stone

1967 The Jungle Book

1970 The Aristocats

1973 Robin Hood

1977 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

1977 The Rescuers

1977 Pete’s Dragon

1981 The Fox and the Hound

1986 The Great Mouse Detective

1989 The Little Mermaid

1991 Beauty and the Beast

1992 Aladdin

1994 The Lion King

1995 Toy Story

1998 A Bug’s Life

2001 Monsters Inc.

2002 Lilo & Stitch

2003 Finding Nemo

2004 The Incredibles

2006 Cars

2007 Meet the Robinsons

2007 Ratatouille