How Soon Is Too Soon?

How soon is too soon to go back to work after a baby? How much is financial necessity and how much is self gratification or boredom or something else.

A mother of a toddler recently told me how her child pleaded with her to take a day off and stay home and her answer was that she had to go to work or he wouldn’t eat. But is that always the case?

A young woman I know is expecting her first baby and people are asking her how soon the will go back to work. Several of those involved in the prenatal classes she and her husband have been going to are planning on going to back to work as soon as the child can be left – in other words within a few weeks and that is not for financial reasons but largely for self fulfillment.

Obviously it is something each couple has to work out for themselves as to what happens after a baby arrives. But I suggest it is worked out long before you get to that stage. You may find you have very different ideas that could cause problems.

In our marriage there was never any doubt in either of our minds that I would stay home with the children, even if it meant having to struggle financially. And we did but we got by and came out stronger.

Our son and daughter in law made a similar decision and I’m glad they did. The results can be seen in the attitudes, behavior and learning of their children and much of this is because my son and his wife have invested so much time in being with their children, teaching and training them.

I guess it all comes back to what I said yesterday about investing in people and relationships. That applies equally as much to our spouse, as it does to our children. We need to invest time in making that relationship the best it can be and enjoying doing things together. I’m off now to follow my own advice and enjoy a day with my husband.

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