How Strongly Do You Feel Against Divorce?

As a society it does seem that we are more acceptable of divorce. However many religions and those with strong religious values are still very unwilling to accept divorce as an option. Most of us have the understanding that divorce is only acceptable under the terms of adultery. Other than that, divorce should not be considered.

I have even heard that some churches will cast out members who divorce for reasons thought to be unholy. Many preachers refuse to remarry couples who have been divorced from a past marriage.

Lately I have been pondering exactly how passionate these people feel about couples not divorcing. Do they feel that couples should work through issues such as abuse and alcoholism?

While it is against faithful beliefs to abuse their wives, some men still do it. So should a woman stay with this man in order to keep her own faith of not divorcing?

I feel that this is the reason that many strong religious wives remain with their husbands rather than leaving as most of us think that they should. They feel that it is their duty to remain obedient to the man.

Recently I began reading in a book called The Power of a Praying Wife. This book discusses how praying for your husband can greatly affect your relationship with one another.

While prayer in these marriages is very much needed, one also has to look out for their own safety and for the safety of the other members of the family.

When many of us get married we take a vow til death do us part. How strongly do you feel that this vow cannot be broken? For those of you against divorce, so you feel that there are any circumstances in which one partner should leave?

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