How Teachers Can Help with The Transition to School

A child’s first educational experience is very important and crucial to his or her academic career. Early education teachers must be careful to create a positive and uplifting mood for students.

As a prekindergarten or kindergarten teacher there are several things that can be done to help enhance the students’ experience. Below, I have outlined some suggestions to help a child get the most out of his or her first year of school.

First plan activities carefully. Make sure that you choose lessons that are age appropriate for the children. Teaching over their head can be very frustrating for children. If the lessons are too easy, the children may become bored.

Develop a personal relationship with the children quickly. Learning each child’s name is only the beginning. Try to talk with each child and learn something personal about him or her. Try to discover a like or dislike that sets the child apart from the other students. For example, I had a student last year that loved cats. If a child is not willing to share, talk with parents about the child’s interests.

Get parents involved if you are having a difficult time with a child. Ask parents for suggestions on what works at home. Parents can give insight on what is routine and soothing for the child.

Plan a parent night. If possible, host a parent night so that the children and parents can meet one another. Talk with parents about concerns. Being at school with their parents can help the children feel more at ease.

During the first day or two of school, the children should be taken on a tour. Introduce the students to key people. Discuss common places that the children will visit. Make sure that you explain lunchroom and bathroom procedures. The more the children are familiar with the building layout and routines, the more comfortable they will be at school.

Set-up an area or allow time for each child to share something about himself or herself. Allow the children to bring photos of pets or family.

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