How to Be Frugal and Green

One of the nice things about frugality is that most of the frugal things that you do are also good for the environment. That is, frugal practices can also be green practices. Reduce, reuse and recycle are guidelines that frugal people have been following even before there was a green movement.

But some frugal ways are more green than others. So the next time someone calls you a cheapskate or tightwad, point out one of the following activities and just say that you are being green!


Drink tap water instead of bottled water. Not only will you save the cost of purchasing the water, but you will also leave plastic out of the landfill.


Eating less meat and more vegetarian meals will definitely save you money. It will also help the environment, since producing meat for consumption also produces plenty of pollutants, from the energy it takes to grow and transport the meat to all of the hormones, antibiotics and even pesticides that are used to produce the meat.

Paper products

We all know that less paper products are best on the environment. Avoiding them will also save you money. Go ahead and use cloth towels for drying and for spills. Then take it one step further and use washcloths as napkins, baby wipes, as cleaning rags and more. Avoid paper plates, too. It takes less energy to wash dishes in the dishwasher than it does to produce the plates plus deal with them ending up in the landfill.

Beauty products

Simplify your beauty routine to save both money and the environment. Can you use your lipstick as a cream blush as well? This way you are more likely to use it all up before it goes bad. How about one pencil for both lining your eyes and filling in eyebrows. Can you give up the eye shadow? Reducing the number of beauty products may reduce the number of toxins you are exposed to, the amount of packaging you throw away and the money your spend on the products.

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