How to be Prepared for a Grocery Shopping Trip

Sometimes you know when you are going to go grocery shopping and other times you just have to grab a few things on the way home. Either way, it helps to be prepared. If you are prepared for your grocery shopping trip, you will save money, save time and have all of the groceries that you need to make your meals and snacks for the week.

Keep These Items with You

Have a bag stored in the car with a couple of items to make it easy to do your grocery shopping. Carry your coupons everywhere you go. You never know when you might need them to purchase something outright or to take advantage of a really good deal. Beside grocery stores, other stores such as Target or Walmart honor coupons. You may just get a free items for free that way when you combine your coupons with an unexpected sale.

Also make sure that you have a pad or notebook and a pencil on you at all times. This can help you jot down items that you might need for your shopping. My husband will ask me all of the time if we need to stop for some food during our typical errands. With the pad and pencil, I can get the list started and organized before we even pull into the parking lot.

Become Consumer Savy

Read up on ways to save money on groceries, such as how to compare prices on food that comes in different sized packaging. The Frugal Living Blog at contains a number of these tips.

Know where the clearance sections of the store are, how to negotiate with the manager for lower prices or even free delivery and when the delivery trucks are scheduled to arrive at the store, so you can get the freshest items and know that the store is well stocked for shopping.

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