How To Blend Your Own Bath Oils

How To Blend Your Own Bath Oils

Bath oils moisturize your skin, leaving it soft and fragrant. You can blend your own custom bath oils by following this basic recipe. Once you know how to do it, you can experiment with other oil blends until you find your favorite combination.

* Always add Vitamin E to extend the shelf life of your
blends, as they will turn rancid in time. You can
purchase Vitamin E oil at health food stores, but it’s
less expensive to clip capsules of Vitamin E, so
that’s how we will measure it, by capsule.

Basic Bath Oil Blend

1 Cup Sunflower oil
1/2 Cup Castor oil
1/2 Almond oil
Oil of 7 Vitamin E capsules
35 drops of your favorite fragrance oil
A few drops of coloring if desired

Blend all ingredients in a glass measuring cup and pour into a glass bottle with a tight fitting cap. You will need to gently swirl the bottle each day for the following week to assure the fragrance oil has been evenly dispersed. Then, just pour the desired amount into warm running water when you’re ready to bathe.

Alternative oils to use:

Baby oil (has own fragrance so try adding a floral oil)
Olive oil
Safflower oil

Fragrant oil suggestions:

Lavender- For relaxation
Eucalyptus- Relieves nasal congestion
Patchouli- Spicy and sensuous
Peppermint- Invigorating (try combining with eucalyptus)

For pretty packaging, drop a silk flower into the bottle or add a small amount of a dried botanical such as lavender buds or eucalyptus.

These make really excellent gifts too. A couple of Christmas seasons ago, I bought a lot of interesting, antique bottles on Ebay and filled them bath oils and put pretty snippets of herbs in the bottles.
After corking, I drizzled wax around the cork and tied pretty colored raffia around it – it made a great presentation and everyone loved their bath oils!