How to Catch Up Scrapbooking

If there is one deterrent to a person scrapbooking their pictures it’s when they have “fallen behind.” You know what I’m talking about—when your child is now in high school and you have yet to scrapbook pictures of when he was in preschool. The idea of trying to catch up can feel overwhelming.

It really doesn’t have to be. The problem is we think we have to start at the beginning. But it actually makes more sense and is less overwhelming to start at the end and work backwards.

Here’s what I mean—first, you have to get all your pictures together and organize them. Depending on how many years have lapsed, you can create piles according to age or decade. It may take breaking down pictures a few times before they are really organized. Also keep in mind that you can’t scrapbook every single picture you have. File away pictures you want to keep but don’t plan on using in a scrapbook. Be selective about the pictures you are going to include. If necessary, limit yourself to only 10 pictures or however many works for you. Then separate and label the pictures you are going to use.

Again, don’t start at the beginning. Start with the very latest pictures. As you work backward you begin to make a dent that feels more manageable. At the same time it’s also important to stay on top of any new pictures you decide to scrapbook. By keeping current and working backward you really will make some progress. There is something about starting at the beginning that can psychologically mess with your brain.

If you are behind in scrapbooking I also wouldn’t advise rushing out and buying stickers and embellishments to cover the past 10 years of your child’s life. Take one book at a time. Buy only what you need for that one scrapbook. Concentrate on one particular moment in time and don’t even think about the next one. It’s less pressure this way.

With time and patience you will be able to catch up and then keep current. However keep in mind that the longer you procrastinate, the bigger the job. So don’t wait a minute longer. Collect those pictures and get going!

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