How to Choose a Christmas Tree Skirt

Luxurious or simple, traditional or modern, the Christmas tree skirt that you choose can enhance the beauty of your Christmas tree or stand out like a sore thumb. Here are some easy to remember guidelines that will help you choose the perfect tree skirt for your Christmas decorating.

The first thing to determine when choosing a tree skirt is the size of it. How many of use forget about size and just choose something that looks good to us. But size does matter. You don’t want a skirt that is too big or too small for your tree.

The skirt should be able to completely cover the stand, but it also should not extend past the average with of the tree branches themselves. If you aren’t sure how wide your tree is, give a guess. It is better to go a little large and tuck the excess fabric underneath than to wind up with a skirt that is too short.

Tucking that fabric in if it is too long is important. You don’t want the skirt to be in the walkway or anywhere where someone might trip over it.

Next, decide on style. Do you want a more casual tree or a sophisticated tree? Will your tree be elegant and grand or warm and homey. Will you have a tree with a theme such as snowmen or the colors red and gold? The skirt should always tie in with your style. For example, one theme might feature a rustic country look with wooden toys and popcorn strings. A skirt that is made out of flannel would be perfect for such a tree.

Of course, if your idea of a great Christmas tree is to cover it with all of your favorite ornaments, no matter what the theme, then going with a simple tree skirt is best. A plush white skirt that reminds you of snow would work well for many different trees, as would a classic red tree skirt.

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