How to Create a Sketch for a Scrapbook Layout

I see sketches every where for scrapbooking layouts. They are on blogs, in challenges, swaps, contests, magazines. I was wondering, how does one go about making one of those sketches??? It might be easier than you would think. I am still learning. In fact, I just played around with it the first time last night. But, it was so much easier than I would have expected, and my computer software is pretty much ancient history. In fact, I think they have outlawed it because it is so old. But, I managed to squeak out a little pre-made sketch on my computer with a few easy steps.

Did you know that you can create very simple sketches of your own in Microsoft Word? Yep, you can probably do it right now with whatever version of word you have. I have Microsoft Word 2004 (I told you!) for a Mac. Here are a few steps to get you started. I am still learning myself, so we will learn together!

*Start by opening up a new word document.

*Go to view at the top, then toolbars, then drawing.

*In my version of word, I can go to the toolbar that comes up and click on AUTO SHAPES. I can get circles, rectangles, squares, rounded rectangles, etc. The list goes on and on.

*Simply click on the shape you want and then adjust the size. Place on the page where you want it by dragging and dropping.

*Once you have placed the shape where you want, and adjusted the size, you can fill it with a pattern, or color to distinguish it from the other shapes you will put on the page. Just go to FILL on the same toolbar and fill in your desired color or pattern.

*As you add shapes (representing the papers and photos you will be layering) they will layer automatically on top of one another. If you decide one needs to go in front of the other, then simply click on DRAW, ARRANGE, BRING TO FRONT and that image you selected will be on top!

*You can use clip art to represent flowers, butterflies, shapes like buttons, etc.

*To insert words like a title, or journaling, click on WORDART which will probably be a large slanted A on your toolbar.

The possibilities are endless! This is a fun way to sketch out what you might want to do first, or to create a sketch for others to copy after you have completed a layout. Either way, it is just another tool that you can use to create fabulous scrapbooking pages, and it really is so easy! As I learn more, I will share more. But, for now, have fun discovering on your own how to create a sketch for your next scrapbook layout.

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