How To Create Your Own Metal Tags (1)

Most scrapbookers are looking for elements or embellishments that coordinate with their layouts. Either the paper that is used or the embellishment is the same color, or theme. Finding metal tags that coordinate with different layouts is difficult. Not all paper manufacturers or companies make metal tags that coordinate with their different scrapbooking lines. So it is up to us to figure out how to customize these fun embellishments to work with our own scrapbook layouts.

It is not a very difficult process, but it does take some time and effort to accomplish.

Step #1Select Your Tags – Locate the metal tags in the size or sizes that you will need for your layout. Using scissors you will need to remove the paper that is already inserted into the tag. If you are having difficulty, tear the remaining pieces or moisten them to make removing them easier. Be sure to allow them to dry thoroughly and completely before altering them in any way. Be careful not to bend the tags while removing the paper, or this could propose a problem with the tag lying flat eventually.

Step #2Getting Those Stubborn Pieces Out – At this point, you should now have an empty metal ring or tag. If you are having trouble getting the rest of it out, or there are pieces sticking out, use a fine grit sandpaper to remove any stubborn pieces. Some tags are very easy to remove the center and some are much more difficult. With a little patience, you will be able to get the ring empty.

Step #3Be Creative – Now it is time to get creative. Find the paper or item that you would like to place into the tag that coordinates with the scrapbook layout that you are creating. You can do all kinds of cool things like using stamped images, page pebbles, letters, patterned paper, words, vellum and more. Whatever works with the layout you are creating is what you need to use.

The following two examples show you many different items you can use to fill in the center of the tag, such as stickers, page pebbles and patterned paper. Different shaped tags create a completely different look.

What to do next and the following steps will be discussed in How To Create Your Own Metal Tags (2).

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