How To Create Your Own Metal Tags (2)

We have been learning how to create your own coordinating metal rimmed tags to use on your layouts.

At this point in the previous steps, you should have at least one empty tag and your supplies gathered together to create your new tag.

Step #4Creating The New Look – As you removed the original paper that was inserted in the metal tag, you probably noticed that it was originally slipped in between the rims of the metal tag. This is not important anymore. At this time, you are going to adhere the paper or other item you are adhering to the back of the metal tag. Look at the example. Use glue and place the rim over the paper, sticker or other embellishment and allow to dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Step #5Trimming – Now you need to trim around the edge of the tag to remove any showing paper. If you cut at an angle it will not be visible at all from the front side.

That’s it! You’re done. You now have an adorable, coordinating tag to go with your current project.

Now it is up to you to decide how you wish to use it. You can punch a hole in the top the way it was originally and hang a string, ribbon or fibers from the hole. You could place letter stickers onto the tag and create a whole row of them at the top of your page to be a title, or you can use them to simply adorn another embellishment such as a large cardstock tag or other element.

When you use your own creativity to create the embellishments you need for a layout, the possibilities are endless.

Oh, and one more use for these tags? Gift tags. Hang them off of Christmas gifts or Gift Bags using leftover scraps of wrapping paper. They also make very simple bookmarks and look very cute when completed.

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