How to Date Your Spouse – Lindsey K. Rietzsch

spouseAre you looking to put a little zing back into your relationship? Remember how exciting things used to be before you were married, when you’d get all dressed up, put your best foot forward, and go out for a romantic night on the town? What happened to that sparkle—did it just disappear once you got married? No, it didn’t. But you stopped dating, didn’t you?

How to Date Your Spouse” by author Lindsey K. Rietzsch is a fun and lighthearted book that reminds us how important it is to keep creating special moments together. Now that the goal of marriage has been met, the courting is not over. We need to continue to take time out for each other. Spend time together. Dress up for each other.

Topics covered in the book include:

How to give meaningful gifts to your spouse

How to prepare for the date

How to keep your spouse interested in you (and you in them, as well)

How to keep those butterflies in your stomach alive and well

And if you’re on a budget, or can’t get a sitter, no problem. The back of the book is full of ideas for dates you can do that are very economical, or that you can do at home. Other date themes are:

Dinner with a View

American Idol

Surprise Getaway

Culture Night

Foreign Flicks

Dinner on the Lake

Don’t those sound like a lot of fun? Whether you’ve been married for five months, five years, or five decades, you’re sure to find something in this book that will spark an idea for your marriage. Being married isn’t just about paying bills and feeding the baby—it’s about the joy of every day. Bring some of that joy back into your marriage with this book.

(This book was published in 2008 by Spring Creek Books.)

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