How to Deal with a Food Shortage

Food shortages in your home can happen for a variety of reasons. From something as simple as the store being out of that week’s menu items to needing to economize for a couple of weeks to a natural disaster, it is important to know how to get your family through. Here are some ideas.

Start by using what you have. This makes sense, but surprisingly most people don’t think about doing an inventory. Once you know what is available, you can get organized and start to plan for the next few days or weeks.

You may need to ration certain ingredients that are in short supply, too expensive or are used in many dishes. Eggs and milk, for example are very versatile, so keep in mind how you will incorporate these items into your meal planning. You may want to save them for use in complete dishes rather than eating them alone, for example. A ham could be cut up into chunks and frozen, then portions could be added to increase the protein and taste in a wide number of dishes.

Concentrate on eliminating food waste as much as possible. Plan to use up the oldest and most perishable food that you have on hand. This way, your food stash will last the longest.

Learn how to substitute. This is a good idea to research before you are faced with a shortage. Look through cookbooks and online to learn about basic substitutions that will help you use what is available or on hand. Applesauce, for example, can replace vegetable oil in many baked goods.

Concentrate on simple meals. Casseroles are good choices because they can use a wide variety of food put together for balanced meals. By all means use spices and flavorings to your advantage, as well. Simple doesn’t need to be without flavor.

I hope that you never have to face a food shortage, but if you do, you’ll have a plan of action.

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