How to decorate Your Pool Area

Decorating your pool area can be a fun task filled with memories and the promise of a summer full of poolside enjoyment. No matter what your lifestyle, there are some basic poolside accessories that any pool owner needs in their arsenal of summer fun. Here’s an overview of how to decorate your pool area.

Chaise Lounges
No poolside is complete with out at least a pair of chaise lounges for you and your loved ones to use to kick back and enjoy the fun. You can purchase low-cost chaise lounges from any outdoor store. The lower cost options are generally made of plastic and are easy to stack and store.

For a more expensive option, look into investing in nice wood chaise lounges. These pieces of high-quality outdoor furniture will last you for generations and provide a real sense of elegance to your pool area.

Dress your chaise lounges up with comfortable pillows in bright colors. Because the sun and chlorine can quickly bleach even the most durable of fabrics, make sure to always have extra chaise lounge pillows in the gallows for special events when you want the pool area to look exceptional.

Towel Rack
A nice wooden towel rack is inviting and colorful. Pool guests can hang their towels neatly on the rack, rather than having to toss them onto a chair or on the ground. What’s more: the towel rack makes your pool look organized and deliberate.

Nighttime Fun
You will likely want to enjoy your pool with friends and family late into the nighttime hours after the sun goes down. Tiki torches add an elegant and rustic flair to any pool area. They are easy to maintain and store. Simply put them in the ground, light the wick and enjoy an evening bathed in soft candlelight.

You should also consider investing in floodlights if you have late night swimmers in your group. Floodlights that are directed onto the pool will ensure that simmers stay safe and are easily recognizable. Some pool owners even place floodlights in the water, lighting the entire pool from underneath.

Picnic Table with Umbrella
Every pool looks complete with a picnic table and colorful summertime umbrella. The picnic table will be a place where you and your loved ones can share meals, card games and hours of laughing and stories. As with the chaise lounges, you can purchase a nice plastic set for not a lot of money. The wooden sets are more expensive, but are also more durable and timeless.

Make sure that all chairs have matching seat covers. The table will be a real centerpiece to your pool area, much like your sofa is to your living room. This is one area of pool accessorizing where it is okay to spend the extra buck for something a little nicer.

Toy Bin
No matter how many children you may or may not have in your family, it is important to keep a fully stocked toy bin. In this bin, include balls, floating beds and even water guns. Kids and adults enjoy kicking back and relaxing with a few poolside games.

Accessorizing your pool area is fun and filled with limitless options. Choose items that you are sure to enjoy to guarantee hours of summertime fun.