How to Find Your Mojo

If you aren’t familiar with the phrase “how to find your mojo,” let me enlighten you. It means to do something you enjoy and to do with it enthusiasm and passion. So as we wrap up these final days of December, I want to help you find your mojo in fitness.

What it really comes down to is motivation. You have to be motivated to keep fit. You have to want it. Without the drive it simply won’t happen. But it also won’t happen without some work.

You have to purpose in your heart and mind to do something about that extra weight you have been carrying around. You have to determine that you are going to do something about the lack of energy that has been dragging you down. You have to decide that you are going to be a healthier person.

So although it is simple in that it starts with you, I do understand that moving from point A to point B is not so simple. You can want something but still not do anything about it. You can go into 2011 with the same struggles. You can decide that you are going to do nothing and receive nothing.

What motivates you? Perhaps that is how you find your mojo in fitness. Give yourself something to work toward. It may be a new outfit, a trip to the spa or a vacation. Set goals and have a prize in mind for when you reach that goal.

You might also ask for someone else to be willing to donate to your cause. Challenge yourself to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain time and ask someone to be willing to donate to your weight loss. It may be that they set you free from a debt, take you out to the movies or whatever else comes to mind.

Sometimes you just have to be creative in finding ways to motivate yourself. If you have nothing to look forward to, it can make it more difficult to begin a fitness routine that provides some results. So to energize your goals, put in place something tangible that can be enjoyed.

It’s different for everyone but we all have ways to find our mojo…start looking for yours.

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