How To Fix Your Scrapbook Errors and Mistakes (1)

Making errors or a little mistake is sure to happen from time to time. We are human, and we aren’t perfect. But don’t beat yourself up over it. Here are some tips to make them easier to fix.

It happens to all of us, we finish the perfect layout, it’s absolutely stunning. You very lovingly place it into a page protector and into your family album. You revel in it’s perfectness.
And then, a couple hours later, when somebody is home to look at it, they too commend you on it’s beauty.

“Oh it’s beautiful, darling. But, is that how you spell professional?”

What?!? Oh no! Are there two f’s? 2 s’s? 2 n’s?
And there it is.
The glaring spelling error. And now you can’t see anything but that.

Well, here are a few ideas to try to help fix a few of these very common problems.

Misspelled Words

It’s happened to everyone, don’t worry! The best tip is to reprint or rewrite your journaling onto the same sized square, in a slightly smaller font. Others like to just reprint or rewrite the word and glue it over the top of that word. You can try doing that with other words to make it look like you emphasized the words.

Sticker in the wrong place?

Un-Do is a lifesaver when this happens! Un-do is made to loosen the adhesive on the backside. Once removed you can place the sticker adhesive side up to dry and reuse the sticker. Or you can cover the sticker with a larger sticker. Or use a square of paper and add another sticker on top. This is used as a mat. The trick of the trade is to simply make it look like you intentionally placed that square there.

Scratches on Photographs

The best way to eliminate this problem is to handle your photographs with extreme care. But even when we are extremely careful, it can still happen. So here are a few ways to make the mistake unnoticeable. You can try lightly sanding the surface of your photograph with a piece of sandpaper for a more distressed look. You can rescan the picture into your computer and either crop the scratch or edit it with a photo editing program. You could also try to strategically place an embellishment or other item over the scratch in the photograph.

Partially Stamped Images

This has happened to me a LOT! The easiest way to fix it, but you need to be very careful, is to stamp the stamp into the ink again, and then holding the layout on a light box or a sunny window, line the inked stamp up with the partial image and go ahead and re-stamp. You can also use a pen to fill in the missing portions of the partially stamped image. Using color pens or pencils can blend it all together. Or simply re-stamp the image on a piece of cardstock or other coordinating paper and place directly over the original.

I hope a couple of these tips work for you. Watch my blog for some more great hints and tricks tomorrow!