How To Fix Your Scrapbook Errors and Mistakes (2)

Humans make mistakes. It’s part of who we are. So of course, while scrapbooking, you are simply bound to make mistakes. But it isn’t the end of the world, and there are a few things you can do to help. I began compiling a list of great ways to fix your mistakes and errors in this article, but here are a few more!

Small Tears

When those tiny tears or bends get into the cardstock what are you to do? Call is shabby chic! It’s to in now, just sand the entire layout and make it blend! Place a sticker, or something else over the tear. Perhaps even a photo or journal box. You can use chalk or ink to give the piece an aged look, and help blend the tear.

Adhesive Running

A little too much glue and you don’t know what to do. Using a q-tip, use un-do to remove the extra glue. Try using an adhesive eraser to rub the extra glue off. If you have spots in random places, try using sequins or buttons or other small embellishments all over your layout to help hide the glue spots.


From chalk, ink, stamping, whatever. It happens. A smudge or streak on the paper that we cannot get off. You can continue the trend by inking or chalking the whole layout for that distressed look. Or again, place an embellishment or other element over the area with the smudge.

Rub-On Mistakes

These fun new embellishments, can be difficult to work with. Ever had just a portio of the letter adhere? Ever put it in the wrong place? Try taking a Q-Tip and some Un-do and rub just the portion of the rub-on that you want to remove. Allow the area to dry completely before trying again – the Un-do will keep it from sticking until it’s completely dry.
You can also use an adhesive eraser in the same way, just gently rub the rub-on off. If you had an incomplete transfer use a pen to fill in the missing areas or place another rub-on directly over it.

Paper Cuts

Not real paper cuts on your fingers, but the kind that go astray while you are working with cardstock or paper. Have an uneven edge? Or a piece is missing? Try cutting around the whole piece in a semi-off centered way. Giving it that messy, supposed to be that way, look. Use it as scrap and start over. Or use with another piece of coordinating paper to kind of blend it into the background or overlap another piece over it.

I really hope a couple of these tips work for you. Watch my blog for more terrific scrapbooking tips and tricks!