How to Form a Diet Group

Yesterday we discussed the importance of having a support system. A support system will hold you accountable, cheer you on, give you a soft place to land, and give you a sense of teamwork. Having a support system will dramatically increase your chances of sustained weight loss. We are social beings so our need for others in our lives is strong. We especially need the love and support of others as we take on a difficult task like weight loss.

How do you form a Diet Support Group to help you and others attain fitness goals?

Facebook: Starting a Facebook page is an easy way to communicate with members of a support group. An advantage to a Facebook page is that anyone from any where in the world can join in. So you can be encouraged by your Aunt in Montana while you encourage your cousin in Canada. In addition, you have 24 hour access to the page so anytime you get a craving, need support, want to give support, or offer a tip or recipes you can hop online.

Family: Make it a family affair. Even if others in your household are not dieting they could benefit by being active and eating healthy. Support one another daily by encouraging family after dinner walks, not buying junk at the grocery store, and helping each other watch portion sizes.

Neighborhood: Chances are your neighbors also want to lose weight or have fitness goals of their own. Get together and make a Neighborhood Weight Watch. Get a sign up sheet and come up with meeting places. You may want to meet as often as every week or only once a month. If you have a Neighborhood Watch then present the idea at your next meeting. Your group can meet at the park, homes or even all go to the YMCA for a workout.

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