How to Get a Job at Disney

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work at the most magical place on earth? Let me tell you, it is great! Oh, I wasn’t Cinderella or Snow White or anything as glamorous as that. I was simply a faceless, friendly voice on the phone that hundreds of Disney vacationers talked to every week, but it was still a great place to work! One of the things that was great about working at Walt Disney World (we called it working for “the mouse”) was that we weren’t just employees, we were “Cast Members” and that meant that we were a part of the magic that is Disney. For a kid who grew up watching the Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday evening, that was pretty special stuff!

The Walt Disney World Resort has positions in nearly any field you can imagine, from Acting to Zoology. Following are the general recruiting areas and the positions they cover.

Casting Services is always looking for entry-level, hourly Cast Members, skilled trades people, and administrative support. These are the secretaries, reservationists, guest services assistants and finance associates.

Executive and Professional Recruiting looks for industry professionals. These people work in everything from Attractions to Walt Disney Imagineering.

College Recruiting seeks out college undergraduates for full-time work and internships. These programs are excellent for college students because they include housing, a paycheck and invaluable experience for students in virtually every major.

Entertainment recruits parade performers, singers, dancers, musicians, stage technicians, stunt performers, and DJs. Auditions for these positions are set months in advance and require very serious preparation. All of the Disney entertainers are professionals of the highest caliber.

International Recruiting recruits international students for working and internships. Have you ever wondered about the cast members at Epcot Center? Those smiling faces serving you and your family under the Eiffel Tower just may be French after all!

For more information on careers or positions available and the benefits of working “for the mouse”, visit the Walt Disney World Casting Website at: