How To Get Out the Door to Work (Without Losing Your Mind)

The alarm goes off and the familiar record begins to play in your head. Is this a work day? Yep. Do I have to go? Probably. Can I call in? How many sick days do I have left?

I don’t know about you, but I go through this routine with myself almost every morning. The responsible part of me usually wins and even if that doesn’t, then the idea of my students sitting in the classroom waiting for me usually does the trick.

It’s definitely a battle to get up and get out of the door in the morning. Very few adults get enough sleep each night and so your natural inclination is towards self preservation, i.e. stay in bed and get more sleep. However, most of us have become pretty fond of eating on a regular basis and sleeping indoors most nights, so our practical side kicks in and we get up.

How, then, can you make it easier for yourself to get up in the morning? All of the books start with “Go to bed earlier so that you can get up feeling refreshed”. Let’s be realistic here. If you could get enough sleep, you probably would be doing it already! When I see that suggestion in an article, I quickly decide that person is out of touch with the modern world. Instead, here are three quick tips that can actually help and they don’t involve chasing that ever-elusive eight hours of sleep.

1.Get ready the night before
If I take the time to put out my clothes and shoes the night before and maybe even make my lunch or figure out what I’ll eat for breakfast, it helps me a lot. First of all, it saves me from groping around in the dark for a pair of matching socks. However, I’ve found that the biggest benefit for me is mental. As I set out things for work, I start to kind of get into that mind set. I start to organize my thoughts and somehow I’m more willing to get up and start my day a few hours later when the alarm starts blaring.

2.Have a morning ritual
We all have heard how important routines and rituals are for children, but I really don’t think that need goes away once we grow up. We are definitely creatures of habit and somehow we are more content when we do the same thing each day. I have found that it is really helpful to have a routine in the morning. I have several routines including reading a magazine or a book while I dry my hair and also sitting for a few minutes to watch Good Morning America while I eat my cereal. I don’t think it matters what you do, so long as it works for you. Once I wake up and start into my routine, I’m better able to move myself into the other parts of my day.

3.Have something to look forward to
Even if your work situation is not your dream job, you can still think of something to look forward to during the day – even if it’s your lunch break! Maybe you have a project that you’re enjoying or a co-worker that you like chatting with on your breaks. Whatever it is, try to find something and then focus on that. This gives you another reason to go to work besides the fact that you have to pay the bills.

There are a few things that seem to work for me, but I would also really like your thoughts on this. What helps you get up and out of the house in the morning without completely taking leave of your sanity? Let me know what they are and I’ll share them with the readers. Together, we can make it to work!