How to Get Your Scrap Space More Organized

There is nothing more inspiring than sitting down to scrapbook in an organized space. However, for most there isn’t much organization or storage that is working. Everyday new products come out to help us get more organized, but the problem is they aren’t always cost effective and we those products don’t work for everyone.

Look around your scrap space and make a checklist of what is working for you and what doesn’t seem to be working. A lot of the stuff that isn’t working is probably not working for one of two reasons. The number one reason the method is not working for you is usually because it might be a method doesn’t work for you specifically and you might have purchased it on a whim or as advice from someone else. The second most common reason is because of space or the product doesn’t store well in that particular method.

There are three questions you need to focus on when trying to get your scrapbooking space organized (or any other room for that matter).

How Do You Plan to Organize and Categorize Everything?

This is the first place to start. You need some type of plan in your head of what you would like to see, how you would like it to feel in your room, and how you would like categorize your items (color, theme, etc.). Once this is done, you can then move on to the next question.

What Needs To Be Stored?

You will need to take careful notes of products, tools and other supplies that need a storage space or need to be more organized. You will need to not only look at what you have, but how much of each thing you have to store. For instance, some scrapbookers don’t have a huge paper supply, so they might need a smaller area to store paper, yet they might have a huge marker or pen collection that needs a place to go, or perhaps hundreds of rubber stamps and inks. Have you figured out all the items that need storage? It’s time to move on to the next question then.

Where Do You Want These Things To Go?

This is an important part of the organization process, because you need your most often supplies and products to be close to your reach. You probably don’t need immediate access to your idea books or even your huge collection of rubber stamps. But if you use either of those items often, you might want them to be nearby your work space. This is almost as important as the type of containers you need to find, it needs to be a major focus of your planning stages.

Organization is always on my mind when I am working in my studio, so I plan to offer up some more tips, ideas and questions for you to think about in the coming weeks.

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