How To Handle the Storm in Your Life.

The Christian life is not always smooth sailing. Sometimes we encounter storms. Are you in the middle of a storm in your life? Let’s see what we can learn from
Mark 4:35-41 about how to deal with it.

1. Jesus sent the disciples off into the situation where the storm occurred, for it was at His suggestion that they all set out with him in the boat, verses 35 and 36.
Obedience to Jesus may well put us in a situation where our faith will be tested as that of the disciples was.

2. However Jesus did not leave the disciples alone but went with them in the boat. His reaction to the furious storm was vastly different to that of the disciples. He was asleep during the crisis, verses 37 and 38.
When the storms of life come, do we react the way the disciples did and panic, even though we know Jesus is with us in the situation? Or do we have peace such as Jesus had?

3. In their fear and panic the disciples accused Jesus of not caring what happened to them, verse 38.
Have you ever felt like Jesus doesn’t care about what is happening in your situation? What do you do when you feel like this? Do you take it to Him?

4. Jesus acted immediately to show his disciples that he did care. He got up and stilled the storm and it became ‘completely calm,’ verse 39. Will you let Jesus still the storm in your life? Will you seek His help and allow His peace to prevail in your current situation?

5. Jesus acts to resolve the situation before he turns and rebukes His disciples for their lack of faith, verse 40.
What would Jesus say to us? Would he rebuke you and me for a lack of faith?

6. Even though Jesus may have appeared not to know what was going on, the reality was He was in control at all times. All the disciples had to do was leave the problem and its solution to Him.
The same applies to us and the storms in our lives – something I need to remember when things don’t work the way I hoped. Perhaps you need to be reminded of this too?
Bible references taken from the New International Version

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