How to Have A Frugal Halloween

jack o lantern One of the most frightening things about Halloween is how much it can cost. Do you know, I saw a recent retail report that showed that American’s spend more money at Halloween than at any other time, with the exception of Christmas? This just strikes me as incredible. At the end of the celebration, what happens to all of those goods that are purchased? Do most people have anything to show for all of that spending?

I get it. I mean Halloween can be a fun holiday. There is candy. Candy is probably a good enough reason (although there is candy at Easter, too). There are fun costumes, off the wall decorating and parties. Even Martha Stewart gets into the act and puts out special Halloween magazines and shows.

But before we get spooked by the spending, we can take some steps to have a good time celebrating Halloween (or fall) without spending a fortune. And that is a trick that is good to know.

Let us start with costumes. You can spend anywhere from $15 to $125 on a costume this year per person, on average. How can you adjust that cost downward? There are several ways. Do your price comparison and research. Both Walmart and Oriental Trading have great deals on costumes, and you can often get free or low cost shipping when you shop online.

You can also take part in a costume exchange. Many local moms clubs, community clubs, churches and other organizations offer costume exchanges. If you can’t find one, consider starting your own among your friends. Turn in last years costumes to trade for new ones for this year.

If you are crafty, consider sewing or making your own costumes. My son went as a robot one year, complete with fun materials and dials we got at the local home improvement store and found around the house.

Also take a look at your own closet. Many time old adult clothing items can be turned into cool kids costumes with a couple of stitches or even a glue gun.

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