How to Have Meaningful Conversations

Many marriages are suffering from this lack of intimacy. After the initial two to three years of idealism in marriage wears off, you and your spouse may find yourselves barking orders to leaving reminders on what to pick up at the store after work. You stop talking to each other, not because you don’t care about what the other one thinks, but because you’ve become complacent in the relationship. This is extremely common and one of the top complaints that counselors and marriage mediators get when a couple has decided to take one last crack around saving their marriage, and wow, this so could have been avoided. It is time to learn the tricks of how to begin a meaningful conversation with your spouse and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Meaningful conversations does not mean having conversations about things that neither of you care about or things that you do not understand, simply for the practice of conversation. However, starting a conversation about something meaningless is better than no start at all, so bring it up, whatever it is, and ask your spouse leading questions like “what do you think about that?.” Knowing how to ask leading questions in order to start a conversation can be learned through a counselor, or even on the internet, if you don’t want to spend a huge amount on counseling. Conducting a meaningful conversation with your spouse should be an easy task. When you choose to marry someone, odds are that you have something in common with them. This should then make having meaningful conversations that much easier.

These meaningful conversations can be about anything! It doesn’t have to be meaningful to anyone else except for you and your spouse. No one else matters or should be on your mind when this conversation is taking place. The first key to a meaningful conversation is 100% attention to your spouse and the conversation itself. By giving your spouse your full attention you are showing them that you are dedicated to this conversation and interested in what they have to say. A person can always tell when their partner is not interested and this is the biggest flaw a person can make when trying to have a meaningful conversation with their spouse.

Taking part in a meaningful conversation with your spouse is not something that you should have to work at; this is a task that is meant to come naturally. If it does not, take the time to create for yourself a conversation starter that both you and your spouse would be interested in. When you find common ground, there is no limit as to the many topics that the two of you could discuss.

By taking the time to talk to your spouse about topics other than work and family, you will find that you will both enjoy this time spent together. Sometimes life becomes overwhelming and you need to take the time yourself to relax and spend some quality time with your spouse. This keeps a happy marriage happy.