How to Help Relieve Your Baby’s Gas

When my son was first born, and even for several months after, his gas was a constant source of entertainment. Typically his gassiest moments would be while he was nursing. His little bottom was often being supported by my hand, which meant I not only heard his gas, but I also felt the vibrations. He passed so much gas while he nursed, it was ridiculous. I am not exaggerating when I say he probably farted at least once every thirty seconds. I started calling him “farty-pa-tootie.” It was hilarious for both me and anyone else who happened to be in the room while he ate.

In general, my son never seemed bothered by his gas while he was nursing. It was probably a combination of the fact that he was eating and he was getting some relief. Sometimes, though, he would get gassy at other times and would cry a lot from the discomfort. While infant gas relief drops seemed to help a little bit, what was really effective was tummy massage and a few other tricks I learned from other moms along the way.

Tummy massage is great for relieving gas pains and also provides an opportunity for mom and baby to enjoy. Apply gentle pressure to your infants abdomen in circular motion. Pumping your babies legs also works well and is especially effective when paired with tummy massage. The football hold can also be used to provide relief. Lay your baby on her tummy over your forearm and walk around with her, gently bobbing and swaying while rubbing her back with your other hand. Another trick that worked especially well was to lay my son over my lap, lightly tap my heels to bounce him, rock my knees to the left and right to provide soothing motion, all while alternating between patting and rubbing his little back. It was definitely a lesson in coordination for me, but it was magical for soothing him when his tummy hurt.

Infant gas is inevitable, but you can prevent some of it by burping your baby often during feedings and giving your baby some playtime after she eats instead of laying her down to sleep right away.

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