How to Increase Your Income at Home

Sometimes just saving money isn’t enough, and you have to or want to increase your income. If you would like to do that at home, here are some suggestions and a warning.

First, let us start with a warning. There are a lot of scams out there that are targeted to families who would like to increase their income at home. Most of these schemes require you to make a purchase of something. No legitimate employer will do this. Yes, you may incur expenses if you work at home, such as for a computer, if you need one to work online, for example, but these are expenses to make at your own discretion and to set up a home office. So, bottom line, don’t pay fees, don’t pay for supplies directly from the employer, don’t buy their fabulous get rich quick books, and just don’t give them money.

Okay, now that this is out of the way, what are some ways that you can increase your income at home? Find something for which you have the interest and time to do, but which also generates income. The list below is a guideline, but really think about this to find the right opportunity for you.

Become a virtual assistant. Do office work at home. Local businesses, reluctant to hire full time employees would be happy to have someone create business letters, file paperwork, update a website, maintain a mailing list, and make appointments.

Open your home to child care. Depending on home much you want to take on, you may need to go through a licensing process. Or you can offer before or after school care and homework assistance. You could also offer emergency care–care to children when they are too ill for day care or school. Rates are higher for this kind of care and in great demand.

Wait there are more opportunities coming. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about Affiliate marketing and Live Ops opportunities.

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