How To Keep Your Job

Finding a job is difficult, but for some people keeping it is even more difficult. I have found in my line of work that some people just don’t know what employers want. They get the job, they stay for a few months and then they are back in my office saying that they don’t know what happened. I finally had to create curriculum called “How To Keep Your Job” to include in my classes. Here are some of the most important things about keeping your job.

Surveys of employers around the country have show that most employers want the same things. Here a list of the most common things employers want from your employee:

• Do you job well – don’t do your work part way or incorrectly
• Be dependable – if you’re supposed to be at work, be there and be on time
• Ask for help if needed – they would rather that you ask for help then have you do it wrong and cause someone else to have to redo your work.
• Treat everyone with respect – coworkers, customers and supervisors
• Do more than is asked for you – if something needs to be done, do it
• Be open to criticism – listen to what you’ve done wrong and fix it!
• Dress for your job – wear appropriate clothing and adhere to the dress code so you’ll LOOK like you belong there!
• Have a business-like attitude at work – regardless of how you act at home, be professional and well-mannered when you are working.

That said, here are a few important work habits to follow:

• Listen to your supervisor and follow instructions carefully
• Give everything you do your absolute best
• Show interest in your work
• Be a self starter – if you don’t have something to do, ask what you should be doing or find something that needs to be done.

Apply these guidelines to your work performance and you will become the type of employee that your company can’t imagine doing without.