How to Make Fluffy Chicks for Easter

My dream house includes an entire room dedicated to crafts. Unfortunately, my dreams have yet to become reality, so I have to make do with a craft closet, rather than an entire room. Regardless, of my cramped quarters I always make sure I have at least a couple bags of pompoms (in varying sizes) on hand.

The fuzzy little balls of fluff are extremely versatile and come in handy when crafting everything from miniature pumpkins to adorable Easter chicks.



Bag of medium-sized yellow pompoms

Goggly eyes or black beads for eyes

Craft glue

Scraps of orange felt or construction paper



Cut a small triangle from orange felt (or construction paper), for the chick’s beak.

(Note: You can adjust the beak and feet sizes to depending on the size of your pompoms.)

Coat the base of the beak with craft glue. Part the pom-pom fibers slightly with your fingers and position the beak in place. Allow to dry thoroughly before handling.

Coat the googly eyes or black beads with glue. Part the fibers slightly to help get the eyes in the right spot. Hold eyes in place until the glue dries.

To make the chick’s feet, cut two pieces of felt or construction paper in a “D” shape. You could also cut a heart shape out of the felt or construction paper and use the upper arches of the heart as the chick’s feet. Once you decide on how you want to make the feet, glue them on the bottom portion of the pompom body.

You can prune your chick’s body if you desire. Simply use a scissors and cut some fluff from the back of the chick to shape the body and create a tapered tail end.

Place completed chicks in an Easter basket or in various areas of your home.

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