How to Make The Hobbit Costume

Yesterday, I shared some easy last minute Halloween costumes that can be made at home with very little effort. One of the offerings was an idea for a Lord of the Rings costume. That prompted a reader to ask me about a more elaborate, but still homemade hobbit costume. So here it is, how to make The Hobbit Costume.
(By the way, the Hobbit movie is officially cast now!)

Let us start with the hobbit breaches. You’ll need a pair of dress pants made out of wool or cotton. If you don’t have a pair, look for some at your local thrift store. In a pinch, some thick khaki pants will do.

You’ll need to cut and hem the pants for the official look. Cut them about two inches below the knee and then hem. Hobbits also like their suspenders to keep their pants on, so grab a pair. you’ll want the ones that fasten with buttons if you can get them. Of course, that means that you will have to sew buttons on the pants to fasten the suspenders.

For the shirt, look for a button dress up shirt that has billowy sleeves. Again, a thrift store would be perfect because it might have the more old fashioned style. Look especially in the women’s section. You can cut a bit at the collar to make it stand up and be more hobbit like, but if you are also making a cape that will be fastened at the neck, this step isn’t necessary.

Next, you’ll need a vest. Choose one that is a solid color in tan, brown, green or yellow.

For a cape, there are a couple of ways that you can go. You want a nice thick fabric cape in brown or dark green. You can get a length of fabric, hem it, wrap it around the shoulders and fasten it with a broach (again, look at the costume jewelry section of your local thrift shop or flea market.) You can also turn an old suit jacket into a cape, as long as it is long enough. Cut the collar and hem it, then drape it around the shoulders and pin. The sleeves can be pinned or sewn to the jacket to resemble folds of the cape.

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