How to Make Your Room Look Spacious

So you feel that the rooms in your house are very small and cramped? It is actually possible to make a room look more spacious without physically expanding it. There are some tricks that you can do with the rooms in your house.

Light colors can make a room look spacious, while darker colors can give the opposite impression. Choose the paint of your wall carefully to achieve the impression that you desire. You can also choose furniture with matching tone and avoid too much contrast.

Having too much stuff will definitely make your room cramped. Only choose furniture that you really need and arrange them to give plenty of open floor area. You need to create a feeling that you can move around the room easily.

Over decorating the room can create overcrowded impression. This does not mean that you can only have bare rooms without any decoration. Choose carefully your furniture and displays so that they match well instead of clashing with one another. Avoid too many different styles and patterns for your furniture and decoration. Putting mirror on the wall is also a good trick to visually expand your room.

View to the outside can create positive expanding effect. Make sure that the view through the window is not blocked by any furniture. It is a good idea to arrange sofa and chairs to allow people looking outside while sitting. You can even treat the window with special details to draw attention of the eyes away from other cramped parts of the room.

Enough light can create more opening effects and make your room look spacious. You can create a combination of various light fixtures to bring more light to your room.