How to Organize If You Don’t Have a Scrapbook Room

I am not one of those lucky souls to have a scrapbook room. I know of one lady who not only has a scrapbook room but she decorated it with a Star Wars theme. This is her room for scrapbooking and nothing else. I would love to have one of those but I have to utilize all of my extra space for my work.

When my writing work began taking over the extra space I once had, I realized there was nowhere to go with my scrapbooking materials. So at one point I just bagged it all and shoved it into a closet. Well that doesn’t really help you out much when you are ready to work on a project. So I had to come up with some ways to organize all of my materials even without a room or really any extra space at all.

I use binders to hold lots of smaller items. My binders are filled with clear page protectors and they can hold anything from buttons to stickers to sequins. It takes just flipping through to find what I am looking for. This is actually pretty handy and since they are binders, they can be stored easily on a shelf. I can eliminate quite a bit of space by using a few of them.

I also have one of those plastic three drawer containers that hold my paper. With other items such as hole-punchers or my scissors, I organize them into plastic containers. I label the outside of the plastic containers with permanent marker so I don’t have to bother digging through the boxes when I am looking for something. I just check what I have written on top to see if it’s in there. Believe me that can save a lot of time.

I would love to say that all of these items—binder, plastic drawers, and containers—are in one spot. I just don’t have that luxury. But although they are in different places in my home, they are still organized enough that I can put together a project when I am ready to. I may not have a scrapbooking room but I have found a way to organize my things so that I can still enjoy the hobby.

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