How to Organize Your Gift Wrap Supplies

My kids brought home yet another fundraiser on Friday. This time it was gift wrap. Which reminded me how it is time to start thinking about the holidays and getting ready for purchasing and wrapping gifts.

While some people have the luxury of having a dedicated room for gift wrapping (!), that just is not going to be the case in my house. Still, a rack over door or a small corner of a room can serve very well, as long as all of your items are well organized.

Gift tags should be stored in a clear container, so you can see what you have. Repurpose mason or pasta sauce jars with lids for the purpose.

Ribbon can quickly get out of hand when it is stored in a box. Instead, line up your spools of ribbon on a rack or even a shelf. This way, you can just spool off the length you need for your wrapping project and snip it without too much fuss.

Each container that you use for your supplies should only contain one kind of item. It is better to have several smaller containers than one large one filled with a mixture of stuff. For example, keep all of your scissors in one container and all of your tape in another.

Tissue paper can get crumpled pretty easily. Either keep it folded in a box that is the same size as the fold, or drape it over a bar on your over the door shelf to keep it nice.

Don’t forget the gift bags that you might need. Small ones can be stored in your rack or inside one larger bag.

Now, what to do about all of those long rolls of paper. Try standing them up on end inside a basket or the bottom of your rack. Make sure that they are secured tightly on the roll, so they will stand well. You can also purchase a plastic container that is made just for roll paper storage.

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