How to Practice Multiplication Facts

As a child, I remember learning multiplication in second (2nd) grade. My teacher would give us 100 multiplication questions and the fastest one done with least amount of mistakes would win a prize.

These were single numbered multiplication or times table problems like 3*3=9. Little did we know back then the reason for these weekly fast solving worksheets was to get us ready to play the game of “Around the World.”

This game can also be used with many other subjects like spelling, but my first time ever playing was with the use of Multiplication facts. The game went like this:

1) Two students would compete at a time.

2) The teacher would show a multiplication fact,

3) The first student to give the answer moves onto the next player (student) and new problem.

The student who continued throughout the entire classroom of their peers and got back to their seat made it “Around the World.”

Another way to practice multiplication facts when not in the classroom environment is usually done in the car with parents. While driving your children from one after school activity to the next, play a game in the car to occupy the time. Some parents will offer a reward and others will just enjoy the time spent together.

For example, while driving, you see four cows so you ask your child how many cows they just saw. When they answer with the number four (4), you can say, “Really, so what if there were 2 sets of 4 cows, how many cows would you have seen then?”

If the wording confuses them, then just give the multiplication problem 4*2=8.

Happy Multiplying!