How to Prevent a Home Invasion

home invasion The words “home invasion” are very scary. The thought of someONE forcing their way into your house while you are home to commit robbery or violent crimes can put you into a panic. Not only does a home invasion violate our personal private space, but it could be potentially dangerous to ourselves and our families.

Unfortunately, home invasion crimes seem to be on the rise. There are no accurate statistics, since a home invasion will usually be reported as a robbery or residentially burglary. But there are more instances of this crime being reported in the media.

So how can you prevent a home invasion, or in actuality, reduce your risk of one happening to your home and your family? You need to create a security plan that makes you and your home unattractive to anyone contemplating a home invasion in your neighborhood.

Most home invasion robbers work at night and on weekends when they know you are likely to be home. They target the occupant of the home as well as the home itself and get a thrill at the violence and intimidation. You are more likely to be targeted for a home invasion if you are a woman or senior living alone, for example. They may even decide to follow you home.

To avoid this possibility, be alert always when you are driving. If an unfamiliar car has been following you for a while, avoid going home. Instead, keep driving until either the car turns off or you get to a well-lit and popular public location where you can stay safe.

While home invaders usually enter through the front door. Sometimes a home invader will kick open the door, but most of the time they will simply ring the bell and wait for you to simply open the door for them.
The best way to prevent a home invasion from occurring is to set up a way of delaying the robbers entry. Having a solid core front door, heavy duty locks, window locks and alarms, and other security measures may just give you the time that you need to call the police.

Always use the peep hole or window to see exactly who is outside before you open the door. Turn on your porch light, if it is dark, and never open the door to a stranger or a solicitor. A chain lock across the door can usually be broken very easily by a home invader, so don’t rely on it!

Remember that this is just a guide based on personal research. Always do your own research or contact your local police department for recommendations to stay safe.

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