How To Price Scrapbook Supplies at a Garage Sale (2)

Hosting a garage sale is a great way to get rid of unwanted or unneeded scrapbook supplies. If you are already planning one, great. Throw some extra scrapbooking supplies in with the rest of your treasures. If not, than think about organizing one to get rid of not only your leftover hobby supplies, but extra things you have around your home too.

In the previous article, How To Price Scrapbook Supplies at a Garage Sale (1) I began giving you some tips on pricing your items. Here are a few more great ideas.

Patterned paper sells best when it is combined with themed items or in grab bag packs. I sold several packs of about 10 sheets of 12×12 papers for a dollar each at my garage sale. I tried to keep papers together that were similar in color or design or theme to make it easier for the person to use it up.

Creating grab bags with various supplies is a great sales techniques. Putting together large amounts of miscellaneous buttons or eyelets in a grab bag will sell the items better than trying to just sell them in small bags by themselves. Pricing items like this is fairly easy. The rule of thumb seems to be about .50-1.00 per grab bag depending on the amount in the grab bag and the item itself.

Idea books are perfect for garage sales, same with old issues of your scrapbook magazines. I listed all of my scrapbook magazines at .25 a copy and sold all but four and I think I started out with about a hundred. Idea books are the same concept, though for me each one was differently priced and I did go by how much I paid for them and what type of condition they were in. I sold most of them for 1.00 but a few I sold at 2.00 or 3.00.

Pricing scrapbook supplies at a garage sale is really not hard. You just have to have a little creativity when trying to organize the items and make them easy to sort through and see. I had quite a few scrapbookers show up at my last garage sale and I never once mentioned I had the supplies available. They simply found them because of how I had them displayed and nobody had to ask me if I scrapbooked.

Good luck with your garage sale!

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