How to Protect Your Baby from Stinging Insects

A new study reveals that an increasing number of kids in the United States are allergic to bee stings. Fortunately, scientists also found that the majority of babies, who suffer allergic reactions to insect stings, eventually outgrow the allergies.

Still, babies and bee stings never equate to a happy situation. Bee stings are a painful annoyance that cause soreness, some swelling and redness. What’s more, during the summer months, your baby’s chance of getting stung by honeybees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets increases dramatically if you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors.

Don’t let a stinging insect ruin your perfect summer day. Review these tips on how to prevent bees from stinging your baby:

Pay attention: Experts say bees are generally docile creatures that only attack when they feel threatened. If a bee is flying near your baby, do not swat at it. Rather, experts recommend that you pick up your baby and move away from the bee. If it follows you, stand perfectly still. If the bee lands on you remain still, it should fly right off because it has no reason to sting.

Avoid sweet smells: The sweeter your baby smells the more bees she will attract. Experts say bees and wasps love the smell of scented soaps and lotions. Doctors recommend you avoid slathering these products on your baby prior to letting her play outside.

Color choice: Avoid dressing your baby in clothing with flashy patterns or flower-prints, especially if you are in bee territory. Experts say that bees are attracted to brightly colored patterns and shapes that resemble flowers. If you are planning a summer picnic in the park dress your baby in plain light colored clothes, so she is not mistaken for a garden.

Repellant: To further protect your baby from bees, doctors suggest using Avon Skin-So-Soft. The oil-based product helps repel insects and is safe to use even on babies.

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