How To Review Your Insurance Credit Score & Other Public Records


ChoicePoint is one of the primary sources insurance companies and agents use to determine an applicant or insured’s insurance credit score. This company provides easy internet access to their services designed to provide information about the people and businesses to both professionals and consumers, to help everyone make smarter choices. ChoicePoint data is also available to individual consumers who want to look at their own personal information to check for accuracy.

Every local, state, and federal government agency compiles records which can be found under several open record laws. With few exceptions for protected personal privacy, any citizen can access any of these records if they know where to look. ChoicePoint compiles some of the records in a searchable databases and provides the information required to verify a person’s identity and credentials or a business’s capabilities.

ChoicePoint also uses information consumers provide during a transaction they initiate, like the information given on a job applications or insurance coverage applications. All of the information collected and provided is done so following state and federal privacy laws and their own industry-setting privacy protection policies. ChoicePoint doen’t sell personal information to just anyone. In order to use the services, a request has to have a “permissible purpose,” Such as verifying credit information or previous employment.

ChoicePoint feels your information is just that – yours. More importantly, you have a right to view it, comment on it, and correct any inaccuracies in it. The website allows consumers a chance to review their own information which has been compiled over the years by government agencies or businesses with your consent when you have conducted business, completed applications or applied for employment. The website also helps consumers who may need to correct any information.

ChoicePoint has been the nation’s premiere source of data to businesses, insurance companies and the government. ChoiceTrust, is a service offered to consumers as part of ChoicePoint’s long-standing corporate philosophy that consumers should have access to information used to make decisions about them.

Order your free public record search report. If you have received an FCRA notice in response to your application for employment, insurance or housing, follow the instructions written in the notice.

In addition to the free records access consumers have access to other vital information about themelves which can be ordered for a very low fee. Including Homeowner and Auto credit score information many Insurance companies access and the history of claims that have been made for property and autos.

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