How to Save Money When You Move

The real estate season usually peaks in the summer, which means that many families are either getting ready to move or have just moved to a new home. There is a lot of expense involved with moving. But with these tips, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Moving Supplies and Services

Moving can be a big expense; from closing costs or deposits to the price of movers, it starts to add up. We, ourselves, are in the middle of the moving chaos. We’ve found our perfect home and are waiting to sell our current one.

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Bartering is a great way to conserve your resources and afford things you might not normally fit into your budget. You can get all sorts of things through bartering. In this blog, I’ll tell you what bartering is and give you some ideas on what can be bartered. My father is the king of bartering.

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Selling a Home

Ah the adventures of selling our house. From last minute (literally) showings to offers that come with shady financing, it has been an interesting ride.

Complain here.

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You get the call from your realtor. The time has come. Someone actually wants to buy your house. You are exited and ready to pack. But when the offer comes your happy bubble pops. The offer is too low.

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In this buyer’s market, staging your home may just be the key thing to make it sell quickly and for a good price. Right now, buyers have a lot of homes to choose from, so anything that can give your house an edge in the market is good.

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Home Cleaning and Repairs

While painting is a relatively inexpensive way to improve your home, the price of paint and supplies can really add up. However, there are a couple of frugal tricks to getting free and low cost paint.

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I hate harsh chemicals because they make me break out in rashes. Even the smell sometimes can make me want to itch. So whenever there is a job that requires a heavy duty cleaner, I usually ask someone else to do it. Like my husband. Like the shower curtain.

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