How to Save on Halloween Treats

Are you spooked by the prices of all of that Halloween Candy? Does giving out treats to everyone in the neighborhood require that you take out a home equity loan? If so then you really need to read this post. it could just saver you a lot of headache, not to mention plenty of money for Halloween treats.

So aside from turning off the lights and locking the door on Halloween or forgetting about that Halloween party, what can you do to save money on those treats? Here are some ideas to put into practice so your money won’t be a ghost of what it once was.

The first idea is to buy things in bulk and buy them in advance. You can often get great deals this way. Take advantage of recent promotions. For example, there are a lot of treats, such as individual bags of pretzels that will go on sale for the back to school season. When these snacks go on clearance, snap them up before the Halloween cany comes out.

You can also trick out basic candy that doesn’t have Halloween packaging already on it. Simply wrap it in a bit of orange, black or purple tulle, scrap fabric or ribbon. It will be cheaper than buying the Halloween labeled stuff.

Homemade treats are usually less expensive than commercial store bought ones, but most parents won’t allow their kids to have them. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do homemade treats. Just save them for the kids that you know and who know you, such as good neighbors, family and classmates. You’ll be able to give those children better treats for less. A box of brownie mix can be had for as little as $.88 or $.99. Cut it into individual brownies, “stencil” a Halloween design with powdered sugar and wrap for a fun and inexpensive treat.

How to Have A Frugal Halloween

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