How To Save Your Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

Digital scrapbooking is fun and rewarding but it also takes some work. You need to learn how to correctly save your digital layouts for several different options. You might need to save one way for printing the layout, another for sharing online and another to go back and edit the page. Here are the different ways to save your digital layouts and their formats.

High Resolution Format

This is the most common way to save your digital scrapbook layouts. Usually this format is used for the future printing of the layouts to get the most true color results from the original. High resolution is usually between 200-300ppi(pixels per inch), though might even be higher. When you choose this method (usually a .jpg file) it will merge all of the layers together, allowing for beautiful results when printing with little variation from the original.

Low Resolution Format

Some scrapbookers enjoy sharing their layouts with others on scrapbooking websites, photo galleries or through email with family and friends. Saving in a lower resolution format (72ppi) is generally the accepted format for most of these. This allows you to resize the layout to be uploaded to the various locations you might wish to share them. Usually the final size you are looking for is for the file size to be around 125k, which is the standard acceptable size on most web sites. You would not want to use this format for any full size layout printing you plan to do as it greatly reduces the clarity in the final output.

Software Program Format

Most of the software programs for digital scrapbooking allow you to save your digital layout in the programs native format. This allows you to go back and adjust the layout as needed. Since your layouts are typically layered, removal is easy if saved in the software program. However, typically these cannot be printed or shared.

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