How to Soothe A Sick Child

The call went something like this:

(10:30 AM, Monday morning)

Phone: Ring-ring.

Me(M): Hello.

Voice on other end (VOOE): Ms. Turner?

M: Yes.

VOOE: This is Ms. Williams at Martha Thomas School. Tyler was throwing up and we’re going to have to ask you to come and get him.

M (soft slow groan): Okay, I’ll be right there.

VOOE: Thanks, he’s in the office.

This scenario is played out time and time again, day in and day out, especially when you have little kids. I wasn’t overly concerned as I went to pick Tyler up because I knew he had a cold and I figured what he actually threw up was a bunch of mucous since I’d applied a liberal amount of Vicks Vapor Rub to his chest that morning. I had already checked and there was no fever and he was otherwise acting normal so a few doses of over-the-counter medicine, I figured, should do the trick.

The one thing I can say about Tyler is when he’s sick he bounces back pretty quick but for the short time that he is sick, well, it can be hard to soothe him (hence, the soft slow groan mentioned earlier). Thank God he went right to sleep!

If you find yourself with a child who is too sick to go to school and you need to find something soothing to do with them to help ease the pain here, are some suggestions.

Play fun non-strenuous games like cards, checkers or chess.

Put on a puppet show.

Cuddle in bed and read books.

Color or draw pictures.

Watch an old favorite movie.

Do crossword puzzles, word jumbles, etc.

Make feel good foods like grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit smoothies.

Most importantly, make sure you are not caught without the necessary supplies to care for a sick child. You don’t want to have to make a mad dash to the pharmacy, especially if you have to take the sick child along with you. Make sure to have on hand such essentials as a thermometer, a fever reducer, a cold reliever and re-hydrating drinks. With any luck, in no time your little one will be up and running around as usual.

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